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The hedge under threat !

Alas this hedgerow is threatened.
Hedges are quickly becoming an agricultural area abused by a policy of productivity. Farmers prefer to remove them in order to enlarge their fields.
This regroupment of land has taken the character from the landscape and has resulted in barren looking, souless tracts of land.
There is an attempt nowdays to replant the hedges but too late, it would have been much better to have maintained the interconnected hedges that were already in place!
In the south of Berry we are fortunate to be able to still see traditional hedgerows.


The maintenance of hedges is exhausting work, the use of mechanical equipement such as shredders or hedgecutters has become widespread. A rotor is "coupled" to a tractor this leads to a "hammer" which grinds at high speed . On this year's vegetation and at the end of the season there is no problem, but the use of these hedgecutters on fresh wood destroys the lignin and causes the breakdown of the wood. Furthermore, imagine the reaction of a nesting partridge in spring when it sees a hedgecutter arrive ...!
At all costs it should operate after the 15th June. It must use rotary blades mounted on articulated arms, there should be tractors equipped with forked claws to collect the cuttings, these can then be used as woodchips to power boilers. Dead wood must also be left in the hedges, this will help the birds who build their nests in the cavities, and will also maintain the biological balance of the hedge.

the hedge under threat INTERVENTION OF MAN the hedge under threat

Alas, man ill-advisedly often interferes...

...By pulling down an old apple tree which grew in the bank because its fruit was hard and bitter, he does not recall that his grandfather had grafted it, and that the apples were delicious when cooked and made into golden pies.
In the cavity of a branch lived a little owl which will relocate, voles and field mice will proliferate...
To make it cleaner man will then treat the foot of his hedge with weedkiller.
Goodbye wild rose, thistle, great burdock ! ...
Goodbye to the insects, birds and mammals that lived in this place ! ...

What can be done against this ? It is necessary to love nature, to understand it, and to respect it.

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